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FANTEL | SIM Registration

Retail Agent Perspective:
This unit is responsible for servicing retail agents that want to acquire kit to register subscribers (customers) to earn commission. Retail agents are expected to buy SIM cards at this unit irrespective of the network they want to get engage with. SIM reregistration activities are governed by NCC rules and regulation. For an agent to obtain a SIM registration kit from FANTEL, he must meet the following requirement:

  1. Knowledge about SIM registration activities and a basic personal computer literacy.
  2. The person must provide a guarantor that meets FANTEL’s Guarantor requirement.
  3. He must have a proper office location where to carry out the SIM registration as directed by NCC.
  4. Registration agents must sign an agreement form.
  5. Registration agent are expected to meet the target assign to them in order to avoid re-assigning of their kit.

FANTEL | SIM Registration Centre Requirement by NCC

  1. SIM Registration Centre MUST be a Permanent Structure
  2. Premises must be clearly marked SIM CARD REGISTRATION CENTRE
  3. SIM card registration centre must be Properly Lighted
  4. SIM card registration centre Must have service provider Logos.
  5. SIM card registration centre Must capture image on White/Plain Background.
  6. SIM card registration centre be operated by a service provider certified registration agent
  7. SIM card registration Agent must be issued a valid ID Card

Customer's Perspective:
Please visit any of our outlet to update your details or register your new SIM card for all GSM Network providers MTN | Airtel | Etisalat | Glo;
SIM Registration Requirements.
Dear customer, kindly note, Here are the valid forms of identification acceptable at our SIM REG centers before registration commences. International Passport | Voter's Card | Driver's License | National ID Card | Valid Student ID Card | E-tax cards. | Letter of authentication by a traditional ruler/community leader will suffice.

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